Herbal mixture for Good Night with CBDA with addition flower of nettle and rasberry leaf,20g




The latest herbal blend contains dried CBDA inflorescences and leaves of fibrous hemp from ecological Polish crops to soothe and relax the body. The addition of white nettle flower and raspberry leaf will bring relief to women suffering from endometriosis and struggling with painful menstruation.


Raspberry leaves have a diastolic effect on the smooth muscles of the intestines, that’s why it Has relaxing effect on the ovaries uterus and blood vessel walls. They help with all kinds of female ailments, disorders of the menstrual cycle or vaginal discharge.

The effect of white nettle was discovered in antiquity. It shows diastolic properties, improves digestion, helps with inflammation of the reproductive organs, and brings relief in abundant, painful menstruation.

An infusion of a herbal mixture will be perfect for a relaxing bath.

Ingredients: Certified CBDA hemp inflorescence and leaves (10 g), White nettle flower (5 g), Raspberry leaf (5 g)



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