YouTube cannabis broadcasts

We invite you to listen to all broadcasts with Dominika Dominiak recorded in the NTV studio. Due to the fact that the YT NTV account was removed by censorship, the broadcasts were transferred to the Polka TV channel, which was created so that everyone could take advantage of the valuable knowledge that tells Dominika. These NTV broadcasts on YT had over 25,000 views per one.
Happy listening 馃檪

Holy Plant in health for men – Dominikaminiak

Does Holy Plant can support sportsmen?

The sacred plant as a remedy for biological weapons. Dominika Dominiak and Janusz Zag贸rski – 29-10-2021
The sacred plant and the health of athletes – Dominika Dominiak and Janusz Zag贸rski – 29-10-2021.

Why you should use hemp oils for preventive aims, prophylactically, and which CBD oil to choose for yourself

High efficacy of CBG 50% in the treatment of cancer and gliomas – Dominika Dominiak

CBD oils from unrefined organic isolate – Process of formation and their effects – D. Dominiak

Endocannabinoid system – How does it work? – Medicinal properties of fiber hemp – Dominika Dominiak

Hemp teas – some of the healthiest drinks in the world – Dominika Dominiak

CBG(A) – phenomenal healing effects on the whole body. Why is it worth using? – D. Dominiak

Why does CBD from alcohol extraction work medicinally? About extraction and hemp seed – D. Dominiak

Medicinal properties of CBDA and full spectrum CBD from hemp seed from alcohol heat extraction

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