High effectiveness of CBG(A) 50% in the treatment of cancer and gliomas

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about how to use a treatment when you have cancer or glioma.

I have decided to give you this knowledge and share some steps towards natural therapies.

How can you help yourself with such serious illnesses, serious medical conditions.

The recent studies have shown that the resistance of gliomas to treatment is so high because the immune system itself begins to defend it. The research has also shown that cannabinoids and cannabigerols have a very immunomodulatory effect, so it contributes to the fact that when you consume cannabinoids and cannabigerols, the body is in a therapeutic process, they bring the body to homeostasis. 

In case you have cancer, glioma, you need to reach for much higher concentrations, because the lower ones will not help. People who are sick are advised to take cannabinoids in paste form, mainly pastes that have high concentrations. 

Such high concentrations as 50% put a strain on the liver. Therefore, people suffering from cancer or glioma should consume a part of such a paste with a high concentration in the form of vaporization and internally under the tongue. 

Special devices are used for vaporization – you can buy them on the Internet. I recommend one that has a ceramic tip. My vaporizer is from the Fenix company. 

The paste is put into a small glass vessel, which the vaporizer heats to the right temperature, usually 180 ° C, so that cannabinoids, cannabigerols are released into the lungs and overcome the blood brain barrier – the CB1 system and CB2. In order for the cannabinoids to work on the glioma, then we reach for what is already the active form, what overcomes this barrier.

At the stage when there is alcoholic extraction, from the hemp from organic cultivation, you get all the most important valuable compounds: acidic cannabinoids, flavonoids, anthocyanins, terpenes, polysaccharides. This is such a high concentration that when you consume it, you put a strain on your liver and you should consume some acidic cannabinoids.

It’s also worth knowing that when the oil or paste enters the stomach, the hydrochloric acid in the stomach converts the acidic form into the active form, and turns it into THC. Therefore, for the acid form to work on our body, you need to suck such a paste for a very long time, at least 20 minutes under your tongue, and you take in the rest in larger quantities through the process of vaporization, so that it overcomes the blood brain barrier.

The scientific research at institutes in both Canada and Israel has shown that cannabigerolic acid CBGa, or just cannabigerol in its active form CBG, has an incredible use in cancer therapy. Acidic forms or CBGa effectively treat breast cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, intestinal cancer and active form that is the one which is delivered in the process of vaporization or in a paste where there is a combination of CBGa with CBG, already works typically on the brain and on glioma which is in the brain. 

People who are cancer patients should take a minimum of 1.5g per day of cannabinoids, cannabigerols. Of course, as with any treatment with any natural formula, it should not be consumed immediately, all at once, but gradually instead. When using such a paste, start with a drop and increase to two drops, to three drops more and more, until you increase the amount to 1.5g of paste in the daily intake for a person with cancer or glioma brain.

It is important to know that glioma can often grow back because our immune system has not yet completely cleared the toxins from the body. 

It is very important to cleanse the body of toxins but gradually.

Many people, (including our friend from NTV who died years ago) make the decision to use chemotherapy and start very intensive cleansing treatments.

Then the liver is not able to withstand this cleansing process. If the liver has not been cleansed before, it is often unable to cope with the amount of toxins it has to cleanse. 

The example: Someone is said to have died of cancer, but in most cases it is because the liver has stopped working. It couldn’t handle the load. This is why it is important to remember that vaporization is advisable so as not to overload the liver with high concentrations of cannabinoids.

In case  of people who have already, after some therapy, got rid of cancer or glioma, it is necessary to continue treatment with cannabinoids, already in concentrations of 10% of both oil that has CBD and CBDa, or oil CBGa and CBG that is cannabigerolic acid and active cannabigerol.

Often people who are sick ask me what I recommend. I have gained a lot of knowledge about health, because I was sick myself as a child, had a tumor in my sinuses, and underwent natural therapies. Liver cleansing was a very difficult process for me, as I am a sensitive person, I have celiac disease, I eat, applying a very restrictive diet. It is important to exclude artificial salicylates from food.

Once upon a time, I was in one of the private facilities in Wroclaw, where people do surgeries to cut out nodules or polyps, I was also going to undergo surgery, but just the day before the operation, a lady called and said that probably I’m unlucky because the equipment has broken down (they had several machines, these are very expensive pieces of equipment that you use to enter the sinus cavities, through the nose into the sinuses to cut out nodules or polyps). I know now that it was actually lucky for me, because often surgeries are followed by big complications. Many people grow back such polyps or nodules.

Therefore, it is important to implement a proper diet that excludes artificial salicylates – they are found in pesticides. It is important to eat food without pesticides, without glyphosate.

The food that comes from organic farming. If possible, preferably from a farmer, disregarding the margins of stores, which can have quite high prices for organic products.

First of all, I recommend that if you have cancer, glioblastoma, or severe, advanced diabetes, you do a hair test.

There is ALAB laboratory in Lodz, where they do such tests. There are also facilities in many cities in Poland, which cooperate with ALAB. I recommend it, I did such a test myself.

This is one test that shows the list of heavy metals in the body, the level of minerals and vitamins.

This is very important in any natural therapy.

When we want to cure ourselves of a disease, cancer in particular, to see what level of heavy metals are in our body.

How do we get these heavy metals out? 

With hemp, among other things. Great products from hemp.

The hemp pastes in high concentrations are antiviral, anticancer, antiparasitic, antifungal, so they cleanse the liver.

Once we have the result of such a hair test, we can see what minerals, vitamins we are lacking, it is very important to adjust the diet, food, in which we have the most values needed for our body, vitamins, minerals that we lack.

I have entered into cooperation with Marian Różyc, who is the author of interesting publications: “The Pharmacy for the Soul” or “Cancer is not a sentence”. He also effectively analyzes the results of hair tests. 

He is a very mature man, but with the energy and strength of a 30-year-old. He has cured himself by adjusting his diet, having graduated from the Naturist Diet in the United States.

He cured himself of prostate cancer and skin cancer thanks to proper nutrition and exclusion of what is harmful. The contact to Marian Różyc can be found on my store page in the recommended sites tab.

After doing a hair test, when we see that there is a lot of heavy metals, very effective in cleansing the body is zeolite krynoptynolite, extracted from a mine in Slovakia. Our body needs it, it contains the minerals we need most.

The United States spent quite a lot of money, more than a million dollars, on researching all the mines on different continents that contain the zeolite most needed by the human body. It turned out that a mine in Slovakia is this mine. That’s why many manufacturers, many companies buy zeolite from this mine and label their packaging with it, with their brand. 

You often ask me in emails about this product, so I direct this information to help people who are seriously ill. Panaceo company has zeolite extracted from the Slovak mine. 

It’s a good idea to consult a therapist, a doctor of natural diet when consuming such zeolite. He will tell you how, in what amounts to use it in relation to the results of the hair test.

We need to know what level of minerals we have in our body, in order to use such an effective therapy. I have personally met, together with Janusz, several people who have come out of very serious diseases, thanks to the use of natural therapies, including the use of zeolite in cleansing the body. 

It turns out, from the hair test results of people with cancer, that there are mineral deficiencies and excessive amounts of calcium.

Also, people who have Alzheimer’s are found to have a lot of calcium in their brain.

It is best to use a holistic treatment by providing a hemp paste, with a high concentration of: cannabidiol, cannabigerol, and take zeolite krynoptynolite.

Curcuminoids are also very important. They are bioactive only when the curcuminoid is combined with piperine, or pepper. It turns out that white pepper has the most piperine.

Turmeric with pepper has bioavailability and bioabsorbability. It is then very effective.

It has been used for centuries in ayurveda, or in India – we have turmeric everywhere in our food. 

It is essential and important to drink drinks such as organic apple cider vinegar (it is very important to drink apple cider vinegar, only organic) – 1 tablespoon of vinegar with a glass of water warm, 15min before meals. 

What is the result? It alkalizes the intestines and acidifies the stomach. 

We have a different kind of PH in the gut, that we need, and a different PH in the stomach. The apple cider vinegar alkalizes our intestines and acidifies our stomach. It is the only beverage that does such wonders. 

In an alkaline environment, in our intestines, neither fungi, nor parasites, nor any virus or bacteria have the right to grow, because an alkaline environment is natural for our intestines, for our health.

Kombucha is very effective in providing folic acid or B12 vitamins.

What is the difference when using CBDa or CBD or CBGa and CBG.

CBGa comes from the Santika variety

CBDa in Poland, due to the permitted amount of up to 0.2%THC, is extracted from the Futura variety

CBD, CBDa is not narcotic, not addictive, it is natural, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, anti-epileptic, sedative, relieves anxiety, regulates bowel function, effective against certain cancers, protects the brain and its neurons.

The active form of CBD overcomes the blood brain barrier, the acidic form or CBDa does not overcome this barrier, because the chemical molecules of this cannabinoid are too heavy, so they act on everything that happens in our intestines, liver, throughout the digestive system.

CBG or cannabigerol and CBGa or cannabigerolic acid has no narcotic effect, no addictive effect, is natural, has antibacterial effect, anti-inflammatory effect, anti-fungal effect, it improves mood, is helpful with Crohn’s disease, stimulates – in such a way that our mind is focused, and thanks to the endocannabinoid system, CBG or CBGa to which it gets is relaxed, it is effective with AIDS, acne, psoriasis (a client with rosacea, after three days of using 7% oil, which contains CBG, CBGa CBD, CBDa, after rubbing it on her face, all the acne disappeared), supports cellular reconstruction, improves the functioning of the urinary system, effective with irritable bowel syndrome, protects the brain and its neurons. 

The oil that has no other extracts, pure CBGa CBG combined with CBDa CBD+ can be used rectally, then it gets directly into the large intestine.

In my store offer I have prepared pastes with concentrations of 50% for people with severe diseases. I have lowered the price as much as I could, so that I could produce it at all, and offer the treatment to sick people.

From 1kg of dried herb, where CBGa is much more expensive than CBDa, less than 10grams of extract is obtained.

The longer the dried plant is stored since the harvest (the harvest is always in September), the longer the cannabinoids and cannabigerols evaporate. So there is less and less extract and paste. 

I offer both 50% CBGa+ CBG paste or Raw+, which has both active and acidic form, and only acidic form or 50% CBGa. These are without any extracts.

If someone has very severe back pain, for example, it has an analgesic effect. In addition to its analgesic effect locally and on the whole body, CBGa also contributes to blood thinning.

It acts as an anti-inflammatory, so with fractures, you don’t need to take any medications or anti-clotting injections because CBGa CBG paste works on these three levels. 

It is incredibly effective for pain relief. One customer has bought this paste for her mom who has ovarian cancer, after using the drop, she forgot about the physical pain.

The pain was so bad that, the client said, her mom even wanted to die from the pain already, it was so intense. Very serious painkillers did not help.

This shows how our trusting the Nature works on our body, especially the cannabis, which unfortunately used to be presented as a narcotic drug by the prohibitionists. 

THC has a psychoactive effect, but it also has a very strong analgesic effect. Of course, in my products, the pastes we have up to 0.2% THC, so CBGa can be in the form of 50% concentration, CBD can no longer cope with the alcoholic extraction, because this THC exceeds 0.2%.

That’s why I only offer CBG and CBGa. 

It’s important that oils for people who are sick should have both active cannabinoids and acidic cannabinoids. Especially when we already have the brain glioma, then we reach for the active forms of both CBG and CBD.

All the pastes are made with hot alcohol extraction, which is why it’s dark green in color. They have all the most needed terpenes, anthocyanins, karetonoids, cannabinoids, cannabigerols and flavonoids. 

When treating people who are very seriously ill, it is a good idea to use hemp tea therapy in addition. 

I have a CBGa tea from Futura, which is awesome when we have intense work, when we need to concentrate. 

Drinking such a tea affects the concentration of our mind but relaxes our body, so stress lets go.

If someone uses medical marijuana therapy, where there is, for example, the concentration of medical marijuana purchased from a pharmacy 20% THC (medical marijuana, Indian hemp and THC acts very effectively against pain) and CBD does not exceed 1% (with such a high concentration of THC and low CBD can occur paranoid, anxiety), what  must be used in parallel is also CBD cannabidiol, a cannabinoid. It is helpful in this therapy and normalizes the level of CBD. Then it’s worth reaching for such oil 5% CBD from the organic isolate, where we know that there is only CBD. Then such therapy should be effective, mild and should not bring any problems such as anxiety or paranoia. 

I wish everyone effective therapies and quick recoveries.

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