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Do you have different moods and thoughts now? are you free of subconscious fears? moments of doubt? worried about the future?

I have a great medicine for this and I want to share it with you here!

In the current pandemic situation, listening and singing mantras is very useful because of increasing the body’s resistance and calming the mind.

The spiritual leader of the Dalai Lama, asked by a group of his devotees from China in Wuhan to tell them how to deal with Coronavirus he told everyone to chant the mantras and asked all Buddhist monasteries in China to do so.
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Are the mantras anti-virus?
Scientists: 'Sounds are funeral bells for viruses’.
Below is the link to the article about current research of scientists:

Ancient MANTRY have incredible healing powers of mind and soul,
I experienced it and I experience it all the time!
As soon as I start singing mantras in a positive reggae arrangement, after a few minutes my mind calms down and fills with wonderful energy.
I begin to feel joy and light and love fill me.
I am in the here and now and all fears disappear …

Music is life

„Love is the strongest thing in the world, but you can’t imagine anything more modest”

Mahatma Gandhi

About the premiere of the Slovenian Mantra – an interview with Dominika Dominiak

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