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Intuitive painter Dominika Dominiak about creating mandala


People order mandala because they need a change. They feel that by bringing new energy into their environment, they will make something move. Dominika Dominiak, an intuitive painter, claims that this is a journey into the inner self.

What is a mandala?

A mandala is a drawing on a circle plan. Its origins are to be sought in the Hindu tradition, but in fact we can come across this symbol in almost all cultures. Especially since the circle, the wheel is inseparably connected with harmony, perfection. The word “mandala” itself can be translated as “wheel of life”, “sacred circle”. And even “the whole world”… Those who have seen Ron Fricke’s Samsar’s film, the “Samsar”, have surely stuck in their memory the images with Buddhist monks. They painstakingly, laborously put a huge mandala on the temple floor and then destroy the whole work in an instant… Western civilization became fascinated by the mandala thanks to Jung. He saw in this figure the therapeutic properties. When we draw a circle, we allow ourselves to enter it, to contact our inside. This is an important step towards balance.

Dali from the distance

Dominika Dominiak painted her first energy painting eight years ago. She is still happy to observe the changes that her works initiate in the lives of the recipients. – I remember a man who ordered a mandala for his wife – she says. – We wondered how she would react to it. After sending the picture I didn’t have any relation from him for a long time… When he finally spoke to me, it turned out that his wife turneded to vegetarianism and started meditating. She stopped listening to political news. He wasn’t sure what to think about it. “I don’t know if it was my 25 years of talking that worked, or the image,” he commented. I’m sure his role was not insignificant, it was considerable – the moment when you order such work is very important. Probably this woman was subconsciously open to change, and the painting supported her energetically. The intentions of the clients are very different. And easy to guess: love, abundance, health. Professional fulfilment. Some people order “partner mandals” (“partnership mandalas”). It also happens that the mandala brings out differences of opinion within the relationship to the surface. – A person closed to development will not accept this energy, and will resist it – explains Dominika. – Such a person may even find a very rational explanation as to why something does not suit them. Eg. they will say it’s “too simple”, not that kind of colors… And in fact these vibrations will irritate them. My father said that the images I create are too shiny. But usually after some time these emotions calm down. Something cleanses itself, purifies, and the perception changes. Sometimes people are not quite able to name what they feel in contact with the mandala. But they react. They say, for example, that shivers walk on their backs. Colors, shapes – it’a all energy. That’s why it is so important what kind of objects we surround ourselves with. – In one of his books, Sergei Lazariev mentions the case of a woman who came to him because of certain ailments. He sensed that there was an icon hanging in her apartment and that her author was struggling with very difficult emotions while creating it. The woman he was dating got pregnant, he did not want this child. His work absorbed this energy, emanating it – says Dominika Dominiak. She herself was a fan of Salvador Dale for years. Until she felt the emotions behind the visions presented. – I gave away my beloved album, these images no longer pleased the eye. I didn’t want to keep something that emanates sadness and “heavy” energy.

To unblock things, make them more open and efficient, to attract

Before she starts painting, Dominika talks to the person for whom the mandala is to be made. Or with someone close to this person who orders a mandala painting as a gift. Some, knowing that she can look deeper, ask her a lot of questions, expect some guidance, the settlement. – I’m not a fairy, I don’t offer coaching sessions, either. – Yes, I sometimes check the numerological number, I ask for the date of birth,. If the thing concerns health, also about the photo. However, I emphasize that I am the painter and I do not know what information will come to me. Of course, I also never guarantee that the picture will heal someone. It will certainly support you energetically. Without this conviction my adventure with mandalas would probably not have started. At first I gave them as a gift. I saw how they worked, so I started to do it as my profession. Sometimes it takes some time to assess the intention. But it’s not indispensable. – It is the mind who needs it to have a point of reference, to get hooked up with something. So that things are not too abstract… I’m an advocate of creating images that will support on many levels – from the subtle, spiritual, to the physical body – she explains. – Another thing is that when someone orders a picture with the intention of attracting something to their life, then many beliefs come out of the subconscious already during our talk. I remember a couple who wanted to attract more abundance. It turned out that they had quite different views on the subject, so it was difficult for them to realize this quality of life together. The right energy makes such situations beautifully clear.

What does the work on mandala look like?

– First, I have to switch to another mode of activity, for reception. If I’m just being very active, I usually need two days to enter the inner world. I start with a prayer, I also take care of my diet – says Dominika. I usually work in silence, unless it is accompanied by mantras. She sings them with great devotion, that is her second passion. She paints with pastels and acrylic paints. And they are not always classic mandalas. Sometimes energy figures are created outside the circle. “Images of light” is what she calls them. Colors? Pastels. No browns, no blacks. Never random, never accidental. When she was painting mandalas in violet shades for one of her clients, it turned out that at that time her customer was driving around the shops and buying various violet objects. Another customer ordered mandalas for the room he was going to paint. They both painted in parallel time, chose the same colors… – I would very much like to render what I see, unfortunately, in a painting we can only move in two dimensions. At the same time, I am aware that there is always coming the best energy that I can receive and transmit at the moment. However, matter and the human body have their limitations – explains Dominika Dominiak. – Sometimes during painting, deep insights appear, including into past incarnations. Sometimes information is dosed. I assess what is worth sharing, what is better to keep to myself. I trust that I get what I need to do the job. It is important that the mandala helps its owner to get in deeper contact with himself, to get inside. That’s why I recommend hanging the picture in a visible place, at the height of the heart chakra, and looking at it often.

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