Surround yourself with positive energy

By the time I was able to feel energy,
I wasn’t aware that every painting we have on the wall
radiates and emanates some kind of energy. It is very important with what intention, what feelings,
thoughts and emotions the artist has created a picture or a work of art.

Consequently, it turns out that it is neither a name of the artist, nor a technique,
with which the painting was painted that has the greatest value in a work of art,
but the vibrations that flow out of the image: its shapes, colours and intentions
with which the painting was painted. This has a very big impact on a person’s mood,
who has such a work of art and stays in its aura.

Each painting. each picture radiates and emanates some kind of energy, just like people, some have good energy,
others don’t. A person’s energy level depends on the state of feelings, which are
the result of thoughts, and these in turn have their own
source in beliefs within our subconscious, what we believed in
…childhood about ourselves, love, partnership and life…

Not everyone has the ability to feel the energy, thoughts and intentions of other people.
The ability to feel them takes place on subtle levels.

The influence of energetic painting on human personal development is fascinating
experience and, in my opinion, little known yet.

I cordially invite you to read the article from 2019,
in which I gave an interview for the “Mirror” monthly
on the Energy Mandala, which I paint on individual

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Dominika Dominiak